Corporate Headquarter by Ling Zhou

Ling Zhou Creates The Night Sky Corporate Headquarter

Ling Zhou, the creator of the displayed design Corporate Headquarter by Ling Zhou illustrates, The uniqueness of the office is very important. It can attract some people to visit the office specially. It is hoped that people can see the contemporary <Cropped>

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Residence by Ming-Hsin Chung

Ming-Hsin Chung Exhibits The Elegant Ultimate Residence

Ming-Hsin Chung, the thinktank behind the highlighted project Residence:Elegant Ultimate by Ming-Hsin Chung says, The contemporary aesthetics is the idea for designing the second floor, where the geometric space configuration and circulation is mixed <Cropped>

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Award Winning Georgian Wines Series of Georgian Wines

Valerii Sumilov Exhibits The Georgian Wines Series of Georgian Wines

Valerii Sumilov, the architect of the highlighted project Georgian Wines by Valerii Sumilov spells out, It communicates the product’s main idea – it’s a wine produced in a country with very rich and ancient winemaking traditions. The delicate e <Cropped>

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Keng Fu Lo's Kci Group Headquarters Office

Keng Fu Lo Discloses The Kci Group Headquarters Office

KENG FU LO, the lead designer of the displayed project Award Winning KCI Group Headquarters office explicates, The office is located in Kaohsiung Taiwan. It combines with office, conference room and storage space. The office building is close to 28 m <Cropped>

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Wheelchair by Julien Codet

Julien Codet Spotlights The Bariatric Project Wheelchair

Julien Codet, the maker of the highlighted design Wheelchair by Julien Codet explicates, The Bariatric Project challenges conventional aesthetic of medical devices by a sporty design, hiding technical details, reducing the impact of outsized proporti <Cropped>

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Jewelry:m1 Collection by Marina Anokhina

Marina Anokhina Illustrates The M1 Collection Jewelry

Marina Anokhina, the thinktank behind the highlighted design M1 Collection - jewelry by Marina Anokhina explains, M1 collection was created under the inspiration of the mechanical world - gears, bolts, and nuts served as prototypes for the jewels cre <Cropped>

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Bean Buro 's Leo Burnett Hong Kong Workplace Design

Bean Buro Discloses The Leo Burnett Hong Kong Workplace Design

Bean Buro , the designer of the award winning project Leo Burnett Hong Kong by Bean Buro points out, The innovative workplace design in Hong Kong features a sculptural meeting room that is inspired by local boat construction techniques built by ti <Cropped>

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Desert Habitat-House by Hani Hassan

Hani Hassan Shares The Desert Habitat House

Hani Hassan, the thinktank behind the displayed project House:Desert Habitat by Hani Hassan illustrates, The intervention of humankind through large scale industries, and housing expansion, increased the consumption of fossil fuels costly energy and <Cropped>

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Showroom/Office by Kevin Chang-lab Modus

Kevin Chang-lab Modus Creates The Fuyi River Sales Center Showroom/Office

Kevin Chang - Lab Modus, the lead designer of the awarded design Showroom / Office by Kevin Chang - Lab Modus spells out, The scheme consists of a three-story gray glazed volume and a sequence of double-curved white coated metallic panels. This set o <Cropped>

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Crystal Light Sculpture:grain and Fire Portal by Sunny Jackson

Sunny Jackson Illustrates The Grain and Fire Portal Crystal Light Sculpture

Sunny Jackson, the maker of the displayed work Grain and Fire Portal by Sunny Jackson explicates, Comprised of wood and quartz crystal, this organic light sculpture uses sustainably sourced wood from a reserve stock of aged Teak wood. Weathered for d <Cropped>

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