Smart Bike Light:uma-P by Jiachun Du&ran Luo

Jiachun Du&ran Luo Shares The Uma-P Smart Bike Light

Jiachun Du&Ran Luo, the creative mind behind the highlighted project uma-p by Jiachun Du&Ran Luo explains, UMA-P is a smart bike light that will perform different facial expressions and eye movements to the biker according to its own machine <Cropped>

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Kids Cafe by Jc Lin

Jc Lin Spotlights The Cute Castle Kids Cafe Kids Cafe

JC Lin, the architect of the displayed project Cute Castle Kids Cafe by JC Lin explains, This case is a mini Utopia created by a designer for her little daughter. In the process of design, the designer abandoned the colorful walls and the amusement z <Cropped>

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Visual Identity:kinpak Brand Lab by Suyuan Luo

Suyuan Luo Creates The Kinpak Brand Lab Visual Identity

Suyuan Luo, the project leader of the highlighted work visual identity by Suyuan Luo points out, If you ask how to transmission ideology by design,so it will be a good example.Lab's title comes from a Taiwanese poet wrote a poem,which said the w <Cropped>

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Land Art Generator Initiative 2020: Design The Future of Fly Ranch

Land Art Generator Initiative and Burning Man Project Have Partnered to Launch a Multi-Disciplinary Design Challenge—lagi 2020 Fly Ranch—that Will Create The Foundational Infrastructure of Fly Art Generator Initiative and Burning Man Projec

Land art generator initiative and burning man project have partnered to launch a multi-disciplinary design challenge—lagi 2020 fly ranch—that will create the foundational infrastructure of fly ranch.Land art generator initiative and burning man p <Cropped>

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Green Island Lake Villa 7-Sample Room by Yu Chao and Guanghui Zeng

Yu Chao and Guanghui Zeng Spotlights The Green Island Lake Villa 7 Sample Room

Yu Chao and Guanghui Zeng, the project leader of the awarded work Yu Chao and Guanghui Zeng's Green Island Lake Villa 7 Sample Room explicates, As the Chinese ancient poetry says, light wines with the moon, tea with old friends. The hospitality <Cropped>

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Clothing Concept Store by Ann Yu

Ann Yu Demonstrates The Urben Revivo Art Clothing Concept Store

Ann Yu, the creator of the awarded project Urben Revivo Art by Ann Yu says, Diversified brand of commercial space.Designer wants to express the business sense of "unknown" and releases the traditional business function.The designer wants pe <Cropped>

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Katja Horst's Laundry Bag Laundry Hamper

Katja Horst Designs The Laundry Bag Laundry Hamper

Katja Horst, the creator of the awarded design Laundry Bag by Katja Horst points out, The sophisticated laundrybag has surprisingly many elaborate design details. The way the front and back fall into multiple folds, the well-placed seams and the sp <Cropped>

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Interior Design by Cheng-Hsien Kuo

Cheng-Hsien Kuo Demonstrates The Magician's Home Interior Design

Cheng-Hsien Kuo, the thinktank behind the awarded work Magician's Home by Cheng-Hsien Kuo demonstrates, The dim lightings manifest the fanciful charms, in which the music excites and amuses customers meanwhile. Derived from the tarot's firs <Cropped>

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Na An's Beauty of Folk Arts Book Design

Na An Presents The Beauty of Folk Arts Book Design

Na An, the thinktank behind the displayed work Award Winning Beauty of Folk Arts Book design explicates, The design presents the beauty of Chinese folk arts. This is a total of eight books, about Chinese folk technology and materials. The content inc <Cropped>

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New Cities by Luca Curci

Luca Curci Presents The Organic Cities New Cities

Luca Curci, the lead designer of the awarded design New Cities:Organic Cities by Luca Curci spells out, Luca Curci architects studio has designed a landmark for the United Arab Emirates skyline with an innovative project based on the concept of " <Cropped>

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